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Set up a unique tech business seamless to run.
Ridy vending service for ride-hailing fueled by innovative tech and marketplace.

200% RoI from the Ridy marketplace and vending business
Invest as little as $1000 into operations, run vending, sell or distribute Ridy vending machines to drivers
Shared ownership of the technology
Paying a starting fee, you will own exclusive rights to the intellectual property in your country
Get a forever license
Obtain a perpetual license for Ridy Marketplace software solutions and access manufacturing sites for our modular vending machines.
Profitable and scalable business models
Choose to sell vending machines, operate an in-car vending business, or franchise the opportunity to others!
How does it work?
Set up a unique tech business seamless to run
An all-in-one solution: Co-own the IP, access an easily adaptable marketplace for your country, receive localization support, obtain licenses, and access vending machines at cost
Clear terms. Upfront payment for IP transfer ranges from $3,500 to $10,000, depending on your country. Ridy headquarters will receive up to 2% from marketplace sales, and up to 5% from vending machine sales.
Enjoy continuous technical support and seamless, free upgrades for enhanced sales and technology.
Scale rapidly with cost-effective vending machines, and as your drivers and franchisees generate seemlesly more income, you earn yet more in your area

Only one grand franchisee in your country will be selected!

About us
Welcome to Ridy!
We're revolutionizing in-taxi vending in the era of e-hailing and autonomous driving. Our automated mini vending machines and marketplace platform offer seamless purchases, ensuring convenience for passengers while keeping drivers focused on the road.

Founded in 2019 in CIS region, we relocated our assets and team after 2022, incorporating our business in Singapore. Since 2019, we have obtained international and local patents. Additionally, we have formed strategic partnerships with Mars Inc., PepsiCo, and the e-hailing provider CityMobil, operating in CIS under the acquired brand Ridebar.

Join us to redefine in-taxi vending and make life on-the-go easier!

Welcome to Ridy, where innovation meets convenience!

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